Disability Football Talent Pathway

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  • Disability Football has a clear player pathway, with talent identification structures in place. Alongside regular SEN festivals and BOBi League fixtures, we deliver an England Talent Day to identify the most talented individuals with disabilities in the counties.

    From the 2017/18 season England Talent Day will takes place in September and October throughout the country giving young people the opportunity to be assessed by County FA staff, Talent Hub Staff and a National FA Talent Consultant. Whilst some young individuals with impairments play in mainstream football, this event seeks to identify individuals who can go onto play within Talent Hubs, Regional Emerging Talent Programmes and National Squads.

    The Berks & Bucks FA has a Disability Talent ID Network which helps to raise awareness of the Disability Talent Pathway and potentially recommend players for the England Talent Day. We are especially interested in any players or participating in ‘mainstream’ football, either within club or school settings, as they will more than likely be viewed as talented within their impairment group.  It is important to note that any player at any level of the Disability Talent Pathway, will not be removed from their clubs, and will be encouraged to continue participating at an appropriate level of grassroots football.

    If you would like further information on the Disability Talent Pathway or Network then please contact jonathan.coles@berks-bucksfa.com